Born on 3rd

Some People are Born on 3rd and Go Through Life Thinking They Hit a Triple

Regrettably, some people are born on 1st (or even in the dugout) and go through life feeling hopeless and forgotten. That is unacceptable. This podcast was inspired by them, the people who were NOT born on 3rd. The stories are real, uncensored and hopefully spurs people to change the rules of the game.  


Born on 3rd Podcasts

BIPOC Access to Capital with Verna Myers

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The Culture of Belonging with Dr. William Lewis

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Inside the Black Box with Rachel Weintraub

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Access to the Great Outdoors with David Fatula

Access to the Great Outdoors with David Fatula

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Equal Opportunity for All

Born On 3rd is a thought-provoking podcast that peels back the layers of the deep-rooted inequities within our society. Through conversations with industry leaders, creatives and storytellers, Born On 3rd seeks to bridge the gap between those born with privilege and the disenfranchised. Born On 3rd is a provocative change agent, hell-bent on creating more equal opportunities for all. 

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Born on 3rd

We should all start our at bat at home plate, just like in baseball and softball. Every at bat in baseball and softball begins at home plate. Every player has different abilities and brings something unique to the plate. Some hit for power, some hit for average, some do both. But regardless of their abilities they all start at the same place. They all start with the same opportunity – to get a hit, drive in a run or crank one over the fences.

The pitcher is life. It is doing everything it can to get you out. Fastballs, curveballs, and (alot) of knuckleballs. The pitcher finds the pitch that you can’t hit, and throws that. So you have to adapt, get better, improve, or else you’ll strike out every time you get your opportunity.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work this way. The journey doesn’t start at home plate. For anyone. Some will always be born with more privilege, a higher class, more access, established networks, more money, family legacy, and those people will have a head start. But the rest of us shouldn’t have to start 3 bases behind. I believe that can be changed by sharing our stories of overcoming adversity, our base running exploits, and our unrelenting perseverance.  

“Don’t Fucking Censor Yourself”

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