Born on 3rd

A Mother Knows with Coleen Galvin Yaroshenko

Welcome back to another installment of Born On Third, this week on the show I welcome Coleen Galvin Yaroshenko to discuss her journey from growing up in the dugout to winning the whole game. Coleen was raised by two abusive parents with mental deficiencies and addiction. Though her childhood was rough, the lessons learned from that experience were even greater. She used her life-tools to raise two happy children, one of which is transgender. Coleen is a true example of resilience, grit, and wisdom.


Key Takeaways:

  • Coming to terms of an abusive/hard past is the first step to moving forward with life
  • People in the LGBT community are 4x more likely to commit suicide than their cis peers. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in ages 10-24.
  • You are born with the toolbox your parents passed down to you; whether those tools are broken or not it is your responsibility to heal from trauma

Episode Highlights:

[00:52] Introduction to Coleen Galvin Yaroshenko

[03:03] What base were you born on?

[07:32] Born with your parent’s toolbox

[13:11] Starting the healing process

[17:50] Finding the perfect balance when raising children

[22:35] Changes in the family

[32:00] Naming your child again

[37:08] Loving a child that is trans

[47:00] Educate yourself about the LGBT community

[51:13] Fighting to change policies

[53:12] What base are you on now?

[55:00] Outro


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