Born on 3rd

Making Progress with Vernā Myers

In this episode, Vernā Meyers joins me, and we have an outstanding discussion about all sides of social economics and the role it plays in allowing people to take advantage of privilege while it simultaneously exploits (or forgets) others. Vernā shares the often-overlooked example of people with disabilities and the introduction of the ADA as well as the marginalization of ethnic minorities. We share ideas on how we can all use our knowledge to change our spheres of influence.

Key Takeaways:

  • People with disabilities endure a very different lived experience. Their access is limited, and needs are often forgotten – we are blind to what we do not encounter.


  • Progression then regression is commonly experienced among marginalized groups. The progress we’ve made in breaking down stigmas is often so easily lost because of narratives that continue to be reinforced. 


  • Breaking down learned behaviors begins with exposure and is strengthened by relationships. 

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