Born on 3rd

Privilege is an Opportunity with Jared Karol

Welcome back to another episode of Born on Third. On this episode we are joined by author of the book A White Guy Confronting Racism: An Invitation to Reflect and Act, Jared Karol. Jared has been a champion for diversity as showcased through his works at Translator, Inc. as a D.E.I consultant and public speaker.

In this episode, Jared flips the connotation of privilege from a meaning of accusation to an opportunity for collaboration in dismantling oppressive systems and people. With over 20 years of expertise under his belt, Jared has been able to introduce humanity to the conversation of racism. His work has flipped the script to sway white folks into seeing people as what they are, humans.


Key Takeaways:

  • Having the motivation to connect with people is key to understanding others. Listening to their perspective and learning of adversities they’ve faced reveals a spectrum of inequities they would have otherwise not been aware of
  • Victims of discrimination are left with the burden of educating those who have discriminated against them.
  • Humanity, E.Q., mindfulness, and storytelling – four critical talking points from A White Guy Confronting Racism that encapsulates the message of racism and how to combat it


Episode Highlights:

[00:50] Introduction to Jared Karol

[03:02] What base were you born on?

[06:50] The connotation privilege holds

[12:38] The privilege to not think about race

[14:21] Cancel culture

[19:50] Instant gratification

[22:22] “Tell me more”

[27:17] What are key takeaways from the book?

[33:41] Humanity and political implications

[39:14] When and how is confronting racism with humor affective?

[43:50] Connect with Jared



  • “Because we haven’t had to think about race and racism, for the most part, we’re not aware of what others go through”
  • “Privilege, for some reason, has a connotation of an accusation”
  • “Yes, I grew up poor, I didn’t have the nice house and the money and the amenities that my friends had, but I was still white”
  • “If you ask 10 people what does cancel culture mean you’d get 10 different answers”
  • “We are all traumatized from racism”
  • “No one is free until we’re all free”
  • “I think it would be naïve if we said racism isn’t both influenced and affected by policy, politics, and laws”
  • “Racism at its core is about dehumanization”


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