Born on 3rd

The Colorful Image of God with Katherine Martin

In this episode, Katherine Martin, author of the book The Colorful Image of God, joins me to talk about social injustice and how she challenges White Christians with the disconnect between their belief in “imago Dei” and the injustices that Black people, and other People of Color, face today. Katherine shares her thoughts on being born on the 3rd, how her father’s death changed her life, her inspiration to write her book, white culture and Christianity and how we can use white privilege differently. 

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[05:27] How the death of Katherine’s father affected her

[17:36] What inspired Katherine to write the book

[27:22] Was Jesus white?

[32:47] The Bible is not black and white. It is gray

[39:23] Understanding white culture

[51:39] How to use privilege in a different way

[01:02:03] What’s wrong with the culture of white privilege?

Quotes from the Episode:

“The Bible is a reflection of the hands that hold it.”

“People don’t believe what you say unless you prove it.”

“Whiteness is the norm or likes the dominant culture, and then everything else is different. And compared against whiteness.”

“We do the best we can until we know better. And once we know better, we do better.”

“If we want all people to be able to live their best and fullest lives, and then there are things that we can do to help create more access and opportunity every day in our choices for that to be true.”

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