Born on 3rd

The Outdoors are Everywhere

Are outdoors sports really accessible to everyone?  

We’re back for another installment of Born On 3rd with this week’s guest Dave Fatula!

In this episode, Dave brings us along his journey of experiencing both 2nd base and 1st base lifestyles. He details the stark difference in privileges in everyday life yet, the expectation of going to college remained the same – like second nature. Through his experiences, Dave has founded Guineafowl Adventure Company, a full-serviced guided group hike tour, that allows anyone to take advantage of the beauty nature has to offer!

Key Takeaways:

  • The advantages of being born on 3rd produce two types of people; those who helps others open doors and those who use their privilege as a weapon
  • Gaining perspective by losing financial and familial stability. When life grants you a head start regressing back to 1st base feels treacherous, but overcoming that is twice as rewarding.
  • Outdoor sports have marketed themselves as an affordable hobby for all when in reality it is a luxury activity – widening the gap of adversity 

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